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The rules of the wedding hairstyle The preparation for the wedding is a very important event for every girl, because every bride wants to be unique and charming. Even the most pompous and expensive dress is not able to create a complete and harmonious image. It is very important to complement her image with a special hairstyle and appropriate makeup.

Choosing a wedding hairstyle is a very responsible stage. Regardless of the bride’s hair length or what style she prefers, you need to follow the basic rules, which will help not to make a wrong choice and become truly enchanting and feminine.

Rule 1: Your haircut or hairstyle must be neat and reliable. Of course, it’s rare for your hairstyle to lie hair to hair by the end of the day, but at least it should not lose its attractiveness immediately after leaving the car. The same can be said about makeup: choose only high-quality and tested cosmetics, preferably waterproof, because on this day you will be hugging, tears of joy, dancing, a long wedding walk, countless “bitter” – so and makeup should always be on top.

Rule 2. Your hair should match your face. First of all, determine what type of face you have. If nature generously endowed you with an oval face – then you can wear any type of hair: long or short, with bangs, with a veil, with curls or without, high or falling. Owners of round faces need to visually lengthen it – for this hairstyle should have short bangs, also look good tall hairstyles or short haircuts.

Girls with a square face to face loose hair. Slightly twisted curls soften the angular lines of the face and complement the simple hairstyle can be a veil or accessories. If you have an elongated face, the hairstyle with bangs will suit you – flat, asymmetrical or short, but it must be present. The length of the hairstyle must necessarily be higher than the chin.

Rule 3. The chosen hairstyle must be harmoniously combined with other elements of the image, in particular with the bouquet and the outfit. Nail design and makeup should be applied after the bride has decided on a hairstyle. Carefully select the jewelry – in addition to the traditional veil, you can choose a variety of tiaras, elegant wreaths, floral arrangements, rhinestones and beads, which will give your appearance a special femininity.

Styles of bridal hair & makeup

First of all, you need to decide on the style of your wedding hairstyle. Think carefully about which hairstyle will look the most attractive.

Romantic Style

Romantic style wedding hairstyle This is one of the most popular wedding styles. The wedding attire should be distinguished by light and smooth lines, to emphasize the beauty of the bride. All kinds of draperies, lace, ruffles, flounces, a fluffy outfit with a fitted bodice will be suitable. The wedding hairstyle can be both high and falling in soft curls. Light waves, tight curls or lush curls, elegantly intertwined and complemented with accessories – this is the very embodiment of romance. As for the makeup, give preference to gentle and warm tones without screaming shades. Emphasis should be placed on long eyelashes or pouty lips. It is very important to match the makeup to the color of your eyes to make them more expressive. Girls with blue eyes fit the pink, gray and brown shadows, the eyelash line is emphasized in dark gray or brown. Pink, plum and brown colors are suitable for blue-gray eyes, lilac, reddish or pink, but do not abuse the green and blue tones. Owners of green eyes will do well with beige, sandy, cornflower and topaz shades. To enhance the contrast of brown and black eyes use a contrasting combination of beige and deep brown shades, pale lilac and olive colors are also suitable.

Folklore style

It’s no secret that themed weddings have recently become very fashionable. If you plan to play a wedding in the folk or ethnic style, it is worth taking care of the appropriate image.

This style is very diverse and original. The outfit can have both straight and trapezoidal silhouettes. Both the dress and the hairstyle can be decorated with flowers, satin ribbons, lace and braid. Beautiful and intricate braids and all kinds of braids are very actively used in wedding hairstyles.

As for the makeup, it should be bright and match the colors of the dress and accessories in the first place. It is very important during the makeup to apply foundation not only on the face, but also on the neck and the decollete zone, otherwise the skin will differ in tone, and this is very unpleasant.

Avant-garde style

Of course, this style will not be to the liking of every bride. Clothing, hairstyles, makeup – everything is striking in its strangeness and catchiness, there are no restrictions for this style. The color scheme is red, white, pink, black, yellow, unusual and contrasting combinations.

Hairstyles can be both high and short, asymmetrical, often with torn edges or original styling. Makeup should be catchy, bright, but not vulgar. Choose decorative cosmetics according to the color of your skin and hair color.

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