About Us

We aim to provide a home where liberals and progressives can share their principles and values. We intend to counter the Right Wing’s arrogant dominance of American political life with a fairer and more caring vision of America.

Founded in 2004, Progressive Democrats for Delaware is a grassroots, volunteer organization that is recognized by Democracy For America and the Delaware Democratic Party. We are incorporated in the State of Delaware and we are a legally organized PAC. We report to the Delaware Department of Elections and the Federal Elections Commission.

PDD encourages its membership to take concrete practical action in preference to discussion and complaint. We place a high value on leadership through example. We favor individual initiative as an antidote to the kind of internal debate that can paralyse an otherwise effective group.

PDD views the Democratic Party as a powerful but imperfect vehicle and seeks to change and strengthen it not through criticism, which we see as largely ineffective, but through continuous replacement of conservative Democrats with more progressive Democrats. Our goal is a more progressive Delaware and nation.

We value action not talk.

Over the years, we have grown in numbers and financial strength and we are now in a position to aggressively support progressive positions and candidates in Delaware.

Our Statement of Principles

We believe that all Citizens are entitled to equal rights and equal treatment under the law, and that no one shall be denied these rights because of gender, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or religion.

We believe in the separation of Church and State, and we believe that use of Executive powers in recent years to promote a fundamentalist Christian agenda is wrong and a violation of the Constitution.

We believe in the People’s right to privacy, and that the Patriot Act is a threat to that right and a violation of the Constitution.

We believe in economic fairness and the right of every American to a job that pays a living wage.

We believe that pre-emptive war is wrong and that this country should seek solutions to international threats through diplomatic channels and the United Nations.

We believe that every Citizen is entitled to quality health care and that expansion of affordable universal health insurance should continue to be a priority for our nation.

We believe that unchecked corporatism is a threat to democratic institutions and fundamental principles of economic fairness.

We believe that the environment is a trust and that we are responsible for preserving it for future generations.

We believe in the public school system and that every child should have an opportunity for free, quality education in a safe environment.

We believe that Congressional, Executive and Judicial powers should be separate, and the erosion of these separations of power is a threat to our Constitution and the Peoples’ liberty.

We believe that the grassroots can make a difference in our government and that it is every Citizen’s obligation to participate in the governing process. We believe that special interests should not control our nation’s policies or resources.

We believe, above all, in the Constitution of the United States of America and in the right of the People to liberty, security, and opportunity.