In each election year, the Progressive Democrats for Delaware (“PDD”) endorses candidates that we feel will strongly fight for and preserve progressive policies in Delaware and across the nation. We seek to strengthen the Democratic Party in Delaware so that it, and we, fight for equal rights for all in all things, single payer universal healthcare, worker’s rights (including the right to unionize and participate in collective bargaining with their employers, whether they be public or private), fair and progressive taxation (including making sure wealthy citizens and corporations start paying their fair share in taxes), open government and the preservation and strengthening of the social safety net (most importantly Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid). Indeed, we seek candidates that will oppose austerity, for the poor and middle class should not have to pay for the mistakes of the rich and powerful.

Our endorsement or non-endorsement, as the case may be, is not a passing of judgment on whether the particular candidate is a good and loyal Democrat. Further, a non-endorsement by the PDD of a particular candidate is not a rejection of that candidate in favor of his or her Republican opponent. In a vast majority of cases and with few exceptions, any Democrat is always better than every Republican.

To even be considered for our endorsement, candidates had to fully complete the questionnaire as instructed and return it by the deadline. Some candidates did not complete portions of the survey that they felt were either inapplicable or irrelevant to the office they were seeking. Unfortunately, without a fully completed survey, we are unable to evaluate the candidate’s positions and thus could not endorse them as a progressive. In reviewing each candidates’ response to the endorsement survey this year, it did not matter if they had been endorsed by the PDD in prior elections. Indeed, we evaluate incumbent candidates more extensively to see if their actions and statements in office continued to advance and defend progressive principles.

This year, we were pleased that nearly 50 Democratic candidates from up and down the state and the ticket sought our endorsement. This is the most participation we have ever had and we view it as evidence of progress in and of itself. Every candidate that sought our endorsement was progressive on certain issues. Undoubtedly, every candidate that sought our endorsement view themselves as progressive, otherwise they would not have answered our survey. Still, the PDD was and is looking for strong advocacy and advancement of the progressive goals, values and ideals mentioned above, and we are only going to endorse candidates that either have or will advance and defend all progressive goals.

Our endorsed candidates in 2012 are:

Insurance Commissioner—Mitch Crane
New Castle County Executive—Bill Shahan
New Castle County Council President—Renee Taschner
New Castle County Council (8th District)—John Cartier
Mayor of Wilmington—Kevin Kelley
State Senator (2nd District)—Margaret Rose Henry
State Senator (5th District)—Christopher Counihan
State Senator (8th District)—David Sokola
State Senator (11th District)—Bryan Townsend
State Senator (12th District)—Nicole Poore
State Representative (1st District)—Charles Potter and Victoria Kent
State Representative (6th District)—Debra Heffernan
State Representative (16th District)—James Johnson
State Representative (19th District)—Bill Dunn
State Representative (22nd District)—David Ellis
State Representative (23rd District)—Paul Baumbach and Jerry Grant
State Representative (24th District)—Ed Osienski
State Representative (25th District)—John Kowalko
State Representative (26th District)—Earl Jaques
State Representative (34th District)—Ted Yacucci
State Representative (38th District)—Shirley Price