Elections for the Steering Committee are this Wednesday, 2/4, 7 pm

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We will be having an important meeting this coming Wednesday, February 4, 2015 at 7 pm at the Delaware Democratic Party Headquarters, 19 East Commons Boulevard in New Castle, Delaware. Every year, we elect officers and at-larger members to serve on our Steering Committee, which sets the agenda for the coming year. We have big items on our agenda in the coming year, and an election year in 2016 to plan for, so it is important that we have people volunteer their time and energies to serving in some of below positions. The Steering Committee is comprised of between 8-10 people, 6 of which are elected as at-large members of the Steering Committee. At large members are elected for 2 year terms, and like our U.S. Senate, the terms are staggered so that 3 members are elected one year, and then 3 members are elected the following year, thus each, only 3 of the 6 at large members are up for election. Then we have the offices of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

So far we have received the following nominations for the listed offices:

Jason Melrath, incumbent President
David Ingalsbe, current Secretary

Vice President
Catherine Ciferni, incumbent Steering Committee member not up for election this year
Bill Burton, incumbent Steering Committee member whose term is expiring this year

no nominations as yet

no nominations as yet.

At Large Members (vote for 3)
Andrew Wilson
Nancy Willing
Bill Cortes

At Large Members Bill Dunn, Connie Merlet and Catherine Ciferni are not up for election this year. If Catherine Ciferni is elected Vice President, we will entertain a further nomination to fill her steering committee seat for one year.

Members in good standing are eligible to vote. To be a member in good standing, you must have paid your yearly dues for 2015, which is $25 dollars. Dues can be paid at the meeting, by check or cash. If you cannot attend the meeting but would you like to vote in this election, you can give your proxy to another person to vote in your stead. If you are going to vote by proxy, you must email me at either pddemail@gmail.com or jmelrath@gmail.com prior to the meeting to inform me of your intention to vote by proxy and who you are designating as your proxy voter. If you fail to email me prior to the meeting regarding your proxy vote, your vote will not be counted. Nominations for offices will still be open during the meeting on Wednesday just prior to voting.

I hope to see all of you at our meeting on Wednesday, and after all of the election business is done with, we will review the first edition of the 2015 Vote Tracker.…